What are Private Trusts?

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

Its a good idea to create a private trust to keep your finances safe, and assets. If you ever heard of the statement made by the Rockefellers "Own nothing, but control everything?"

What does this mean exactly? When all we ever heard from our parents, our schools, and other authorities, including the media and commercials, is to own your own car, your own house, and put it in your name! This is illusional programming created by the people in charge! What one of the Rockefeller's meant was that you truly cannot own nothing! You can however control it. They move their private money in a private trust which protects their assets, and their interests. They know very well if they put it in their name only there is no true protection. You wonder why if you owe a company loads of money, they use your house as collateral, or your car which you thought you owned this whole time. But if you were to lease that car, they couldn't take it. You get it now? If the car, house, yachts etc were in a private trust you would have major protection. This is what Im referring to. This is what we teach to better protect what is truly yours and not get it taken away from the other party who tries to sue you! It is better to be smart with your money and know that it is in a safe place rather than fearing that one day everything you worked hard for is gone!

I learned this first hand from my parents. They thought they owned everything. Their 14 houses and brand new cars. Of course they were taught this from what they heard. To live the American dream and to compete with the Jones's right?

Well we are now realizing that this is not the case. That this is not the American dream to own as many cars, houses and boats under your name. Its better to protect all of them in a private trust. Here is a good definition on what a private trust is all about http://lewislawoftrusts.lawbooks.cali.org/chapter/creation-of-a-private-trust/

What we do is teach you to create your own private trust to keep your money and what you worked so hard for safe. Wish to learn more? Contact Fawn Cheri Johnston at info@fawncherijohnston.com

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