Sending out Discharges using Global Virtual Office and 98 Ein.

Good morning everyone! We’ve had a few questions regarding how to send out discharges using the Global virtual office. You mail your discharging instruments to them NOT SCAN THEM! They need the wet ink signature to discharge successfully. The virtual office will send out the discharges for you via mail.

With the 98 Ein please read what Margaret says on how to obtain it. The 98 Ein is needed for the next level to create a private living trust. It’s not needed to discharge your debt. You can discharge with the ssn. So if you are having issues trying to obtain it don’t get discouraged as the Innercircle can help with that. Also with the discharging instruments you don’t need to notarize any of them.

This is what Margaret wrote!!

Greetings Druanna,

Actually I called the Philly # 267-941-1000 at night only after 8:30 p.m., they are open till 11:00 p.m.......Apparently the calls are routed to Utah in the evening, ez to get through no waiting & people are nice! .... Do not call the 267-941-1099 # ... too many questions & they try to push TIN # instead & said there are NO 

98-EIN #'s ... they fibbed!!

You call them then send out the ss4 while your on the phone. I’ve mentioned this several times. This is the best way to obtain the 98 Ein. Don’t fax and not call! It doesn’t work like that. Call them! If they ask what your date of birth is your social security or Ein and get too private with these questions, hang up and try someone else!

Hope this helps with your questions.

I am on vacation and traveling very far distance. So please post your questions here and other students please answer those questions to help with your experiences. This is what the VIP forum is for. I do not have time to answer hundreds of questions via email as I’m working also with my students from the webinar. It is wise to schedule for an appointment if you want quality coaching for my time is very valuable.

Thank you for your understanding!

Dr Druanna Wails

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