Move from victim to victory!

My purpose is to move others out of victim mode into victory mode by changing their beliefs and thoughts! One of absolute empowerment,courage to follow their own joy, and to change how they see things from a place of disempowerment to empowerment because I did it! To help women and men out there who felt they failed and live everyday with that guilt, I was there many years Ago. The truth is we all did the best we could given the ability, information and skill set we had at that time. If we‘d done better we would have done it already! But the good news is we learn from it to do better then before! So stop beating yourself up it doesn’t serve you. Take it from me! Went through hell to get to where I’m at! I now live much farther then those who tried to defame me, belittle me, harassed me spreading malicious lies to protect themselves. It only made them look stupid because they never thought I would succeed in life! They thought I would quit and end my life. Wrong! I know why I had to go through the pain so I can empower others. Here to serve others to Better their lives. 🤗 great book to read to empower yourself right now is the “Success Principles” by Jack Canfield! I went through his training and it helped me to keep moving forward and kick ass! I will be doing workshops soon to train others as well on the success principles as I see many of my students

need it greatly! ;) we all do and that’s the fun part :D

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