Beware of Offshore Corporation Companies & Deceitful advertising

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

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Beware of Offshore Corporation Companies & Deceitful advertising

My experience with opening up an offshore bank has been good and bad lol Let me start off by saying that there are many companies offering financial freedom by creating an Offshore Corporation keeping your money safe from the tax man etc. One of them was with a Hong Kong company that stated this in their advertisements, that they can open a corporation for you, and get you a bank account easily which was total bs lol My husband and I fell for this trick and we flew all the way to Hong Kong to deal with this company after paying them around 2k to open this corporation. Yes they did that just fine, they created our corporation, but they only introduced us to one bank which was HSBC, one of the hardest banks to open an account with. On their adverts they stated they had 2 choices to choose from as far as banks go. We were so upset and realized that they were just a Virtual Office company creating corporations promising you the moon that you will have your Hong Kong Corp set up with a bank account that would be hooked up with Paypal lol They were such liers! The company was called Bridges Executive Center on Queens road Hong Kong. Please stay away from these people, they don't give you the full story. First of all it is very hard for any one to open up a bank in Hong Kong Now unless you live there or make well over 2 million a year for a business account with HSBC. Maybe five years ago it was easier. I remember watching a video from Ka Sundance where he opened up a Hong Kong corporation and Bank account. He dealt with a different company and there wasn't so much red tape back then. Many banks are now closing their doors to Americans due to the Fatca rule where no matter where the US Citizen resides in the world they are subject to paying taxes on their own money if its over $10,000 in their bank account. Many international banks turn US Citizens away due to this or they will have you sign a W-9 form which is only issued to the working employee of a company. Many US citizens are renouncing their citizenship to make life easier so they will not be double taxed. So they look for places to open up corporations in other parts of the world hoping they will be free from Tyranny. We learned a very valuable lesson and realize that we didn't have to go too far to open up a private bank account. Its learning how to maneuver through the red tape legally. You will find many answers to this problem from many other companies, but unfortunately they cannot give you a 100 percent guarantee. We have worked with clients who had millions of dollars stolen from their offshore accounts in places like Panama, the Cayman Islands etc thinking their money was safe even though the company sold them all of the bells and whistles just to make a sale. I would say the most legitimate company I worked with was an offshore company out of Panama. They not only created an Offshore corporation for me but they also hooked me up with a private bank. They followed through with what they were selling. This is the company I worked with. The only issue with their bank is its in St Vincent and it does not hook up to a paypal or stripe account. I've tried that already. I can only take payments through wire transfer which made it much harder for our clients to do business with us as wire transfer fees are not cheap! So if you are one of these people who are having a difficult time trying to find a legitimate and safe place to bank privately, we can show you how! Please contact me Fawn Cheri Johnston™ and I will be happy to share with you some good tips and no nonsense advise on where to go. Learn from someone whose been there and done that!! Go to

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