November Magickal 6 month Training

to be a Master Magickian, Healer and Hypnotist!

Taking up to 13 students

November 9th - May 10 2021  7pm pdt

Deadline to sign up is November 1st. 

7pm Pacific 9pm Central, 10pm Eastern

Meet every Monday and on Full moon

6 monthly donations of just $444 per month. 

Welcome to Ravenmoonshadow Temple 6 Month Magickal Program where we teach you everything you need to know to master what I’ve learned and more from the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, Kabbalah, Hermeticism, White, Gray and Black magick (this is not evil magick I will explain)


Real Live Zoom weekly training to pass through all of the grades within 6 months. We go far beyond what the Hermetic Order and many of these other mystery schools teach. We believe that in order to be successful as a true magickian you must see evidence of progress in your external world. I been a practitioner and member of one of these Hermetic Temples and yes I learned a lot, but I didn’t really see any improvement until I began doing the inner work on myself first through self realization and deep meditation. There is so much more than performing elegant ritual work with expensive tools and the theatrics that goes with it. What is the point of doing meaningless rituals if your life doesn’t get any better? Or if your magick isn’t working? The problem here is we come to this plane of existence with a lot of karmic junk and baggage that clouds our vision, our decision making including our ritual work. We are still operating from the Ego when trying to manifest what we want without getting to the root cause of the situation. It wasn’t until I delved into the world of Hypnotherapy, meditation, utilizing the power of forgiveness,  is when I finally got it! I had to change from within and take full ownership of why the world was not working out as I wanted to, or why there was so much chaos and war in my life! I had to own it all and say, I CREATED THIS on Autopilot. Now it’s time to turn the Ship around and move in the direction of my true will and heart which has been telling me all along to follow. This took me many years since the age of 17 to finally understand what the power of magick was all about. So I delved into many other systems from Reiki, Wicca, Yoruba religion, became a Yoga Instructor, NLP and Hypnotherapy trainer, traveled to many parts of the world and had a smack in the face experience while touring the Great pyramid of Egypt that changed my life forever. It broke down my ego of who I thought I was, due to a traumatic past life where I witnessed one of the biggest wars on this planet which history books fail to share, killing millions of people. I knew right then and there, I had to follow my heart, let go of the person I thought I was which was the persona that was created by my parents, the world around me and my birth certificate bond, to remember that I am eternal and I am one with Source, the All as there is only one! There are many gods, angels, fairys, demons, but they all come from the one. And we are all one. This was something I knew deep within my inner core. I wasn’t sure, but after the many years of being a devoted magickal practictioner I finally moved into the self-realization that many sages shared for thousands of years that we are all the Great I am. But we have a choice. We can continue down the road in sticking with the Persona-ego-fear, being a victim of all circumstances that life happens to me, and nothing I can do character we’ve played since birth, or we have the choice to go far beyond to move back to becoming more than human to connect with our I AM presence and be Godlike which is being fully empowered, filled with love, compassion for all things, forgiving, joyous, and allowing the good things of life to fall into our lap. There is a structure a formula that will take you there within a short amount of time!

Rather than waiting like I had to wait since my first initiation into one of the Hermetic temples at the age of 21 and still waiting for instruction from my proctors, throughout the years, due to constant change within the temple due to schism, and conflict, trying to pick up from where I left off, etc, I took it upon myself do the inner work without having to rely on the temple due to their own disorganization. It was only showing me I had to organize myself as they were only a mirror image of me. It was a hard walk on this path as for many years, I felt alone and wanted so much to reach out to other students but even then the camaraderie wasn’t there anymore. There was something definitely missing. That’s when I realized, we need to do something special to keep the Ancient traditions going bringing it to the now and giving it more power than ever before. We need these teachings more than ever due to the political turmoil we’ve been faced with especially now that this Covid Pandemic hit. Many people more than ever are turning for answers, asking the question, Why are we here? What is the point of all of this? What can we do to put a stop to this? To make our reality better???


Well I have great news for you folks. I been training my students in the world of becoming Ambassadors and Transformational Coaches since 2013 and changed many of my students lives. I love seeing the complete change in their faces, their behaviors and attitudes, been told we’ve saved many lives from the thought of suicide, and helped those succeed financially beyond their wildest dreams.


The time is now to take that plunge and learn from those who have traveled the world to sacred places, and become true adepts of life, and wish to share this knowledge with you. This is not only magick, it is Personal Alchemy, Transformation of the Self moving into your Higher I am self and no longer getting distracted through the hall of mirrors or illusions of the outside world.



We begin our 6 month training on November 9th and meet every Monday 7pm pdt. To May 10th 2021 Live Online via Zoom and once each session is done you get to download each recording. We will also be including meditations, and hypnosis in mp3 format which you can hear to connect with your angels, spirit guides as you move through each grade. We put a lot of emphasis not only on teaching you intellectually through knowledge and ritual work, but you also have to experience the magick internally. This is where the meditations and hypnosis comes in. One thing is to be told or taught something but to actually put it into practice to expand your psychic awareness through guided meditation and such is really going to catapult your success!!


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