The object for which this Foundation is established is:






The mission and purpose of the Organization shall be to aid the training of practitioners  on metaphysics of gnosticism, hermeticism,  and other Earth based traditions.  We train our students Hypnotherapy, NLP, Akashic Healing Hypnosis and Reading, Personal Development, Transformational Coaching, the power of goal setting using Law of attraction and using faculties of the mind to accomplish such goals, integrating spiritual concepts taught by Hermes what happens in our outer world is the reflection of our inner world. In order to achieve harmony we need to balance out our inner self conflicts.

We shall encourage, publish and teach these traditions and the arts associated with them.

We shall provide these services through our organization and from time to time with other spiritually based organizations that share our similar philosophies. Our aim is the regeneration and advancement of the rich cultural, philosophical and metaphysical heritage drawn from the related traditions of  ancient indigeneous teachings. We will also strive to provide to the public and the media accurate and concise information about Hermeticism,  and related Earth-based traditions.

Our organizational direction shall be guided by a Board of Directors who wish to contribute to the education, growth and evolution of our Community.

To better serve the community, we seek to incorporate as a nonprofit  educational and cultural organization globally.

Gods of Amenti™

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