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For all Hermetic Oasis of Gods of Amenti Temple Members on our ning site and those non members who wish to join us at We are now offering our monthly subscription for the Ambassador level 1 where you gain access into the ecourses plus all of the documents and the live monthly calls. Also for an extra $255 you will receive the service for both packages. Only for our members. We are making it as affordable as possible to see to it that everyone moves onto the private side who are ready of course and have been really wanting this for some time. We also included a new basic membership of $19.99 if you wish to take part in our weekly private podcasts, and Live General Calls, videos, take part in our community intentional magickal monthly rituals. We plan to do away with the for security measures. You can still listen to us on every week for the public. There is only so much I can share with the public anymore. Looking forward to having you join our New Temple of Illuminated and Enlightened members. Namaste.

Hermetic Oasis of Gods of Amenti Temple™. We are Conscious Ambassadors here to contribute to the planet and evolution of human kind! We only train those who are truth seekers and wish to dive into the mysteries of Hermes, other Magickal Systems, and operate on the Private side. We have now closed our doors to the Public and only wish to offer our services, programs to our members and initiates of our Order/Temple. If you have an passion for magick, to be more than human and follow the Great work of Enlightenment, To utilize the power of your mind to create the world you wish, become an Ambassador moving up through the levels with Diplomatic immunity, Learn ways to become a Digital Business Nomad and have the freedom to make a living online, Join our monthly Live Calls and Online Rituals then this is the place for you. This is for the Starseeds, Psychics, Magickals, those who are awake and aware and wish to delve deeper into the mysteries the Kabbalah, Hermeticism, Egyptian Magick, Wicca, Paganism, Right and Left hand path, Chaos Magick, You found your home! Sign up here and begin your subscription today. you can cancel at anytime if we are not a vibrational match to you. Your subscription helps us greatly to improve our work, our programs, and expand! We are making it easier for those who wish to operate on the private side also at such an affordable cost. We are here to assist, this is what we are all about. To empower humanity to be the Gods and Goddesses they were meant to be.

About Druanna Johnston™

Dr Druanna Johnston is on a mission to spread Joy, Knowledge, Freedom and shed awareness on reclaiming back your birth right and spiritual identity as the limitless being that you are! She is a Transformational Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Master Trainer, Certified Canfield Trainer for the Success Principles. She guides others to move out of debt autopilot mode, into victory creation mode where they are able to triple their income and live a successful life filled with passion, joy and great health!

“When we are following our true passion and joy, the fear of not having enough money, or living in a world of lack, no longer exists. We realize we are the ones creating our own reality due to where we choose to put our focus.” 


Founder of Gods of Amenti™, Member of the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn, Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, Psychic Intuitive, Certified Quantum Healing Hypnotherapist by Dolores Cannon, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regressionist, NLP Trainer, Spiritual Teacher, Student for life, Yoga Teacher Trainer with 200 hours. 

Galactic Ambassadors of the new earth educating thousands on how to take back their identity and Self Realization. Motivating others to create their own societies and become the leaders they are meant to be. Visit the directory

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"I love your teachings, thank you Druanna and I totally love you and what you stand for!" Ryan L.  

"I've been to many other Gurus on Secure Creditor and I always come back to you because you have more knowledge than anyone out there! Been a student of yours for four years!" -Michael Benjamin

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"This is truly awesome I love this! Been following since 2010 and Im really loving this Ambassador Webinar" Andrew Mcbride. 

"Get with Druanna she knows this info like the back of her hand. Don't miss out!"

Jacqueline Porter  

"Hello Druanna,

I must say the 2nd package has some stellar detailed powerful documents.

Thank you for being you and your awesome work on all this.

Much love & light & Respects

Have a wonderful day !" -Gerard R.

"Yes we all love everything you teach and stand for! We’ve had a journey through some fake ass snakes. So we totally hear you when you say conscious ambassadors is not for everyone" Peter L. 

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